color consultation

Take a seat and let’s talk. These 30 minutes are vital to us getting to know each other and provides the ability to understand what your hair has been through and where we want it to go. We will be able to set up a plan for future maintenance, as well as discuss the proper at home haircare. These details will also assist in setting up your color appointment properly so that your service gets all the attention it deserves.
*This charge will be applied towards your color service.*




Brighter, bolder, better. Highlighting can accent cheekbones, brighten eyes and create beautiful dimension. Whether it be a custom face frame or an illuminating balayage, the designs are endless.
P.S.- (Bah-lee-ahge) You’re welcome:)


Root touch up, base color, gray coverage. Call it what you want, let’s just take care of it.


No one likes to feel left out at the party and being faded is just not cool. Chances are if you are due for a retouch, it might be time for your ends to get some love as well. This service will allow us to unite the necessary tones root to ends, creating a shiny, perfect balance.


Glossing and toning takes our hair color vision to the next level. This service allows us to tone, color-correct, melt shades and add shine to the hair. Oh and if that isn’t amazing enough… it only takes 40 minutes. Lunch break, anyone?

Color Refresh

Color Refresh is our fancy way of saying "Gloss & Tone Only." Meaning, not after a highlight. We discount our clients $5 when they gloss with a highlight. Once you come back to refresh those highlights only with a gloss, then it's a color refresh. Confusing? Hairstylists are complicated.

Color Melt

This is a glossing service in which we deepen the root to have a smooth melting effect for an easy grow out. It's also a great way to showcase brightness around your face. Google 'Chrissy Teigen colormelt." Obsessed.

Color Correction

We know, we know... these commercials and YouTubers can be very persuasive. It's ok honey...take a seat and we'll fix it. But cancel your plans and bring some snacks because you're gonna be here a while.


All cuts include blowout & or diffuse styling


How great is it to look through old pictures and recognize the era just based on our haircuts? The Victoria Beckham bob and the free flowing, layered Rachel. Now we are living through Hadid waves and Kerry Washington curls. Let us enhance your look this season with a new shape and style that will bring out your inner fashionista.


Curly, kinky, wavy or if those bad boys barely bend, we got you. All curly haircutting services begin with the hair dry, in it’s natural state, ensuring the perfect shape and style for your texture. Whether you follow 100+ curly influencers or haven’t got a clue as to how to handle your mane, we guarantee a full run-through on the proper care and perfect products to keep your hair looking and feeling it’s best. Fro sure.


YouTube is NOT cosmetology training. (Go on, click it). We’ll see you here. That is all.


Weekends don’t exist in Miami. There is always something to do and people to see in this amazing city. Let us provide you with the perfect look for your next day or night out.



So. Important. Think of all the torture our hair goes through. Here, we’ll help - Chlorine, blow outs, beach days, prior over-processing, heat damage, work outs, top knots, stress, hormones, humidity and the list goes on. Our in-salon treatments are customizable and contain antioxidants and amino acids to provide strength to the hair and enrich porosity. It’s kind of a must.

Bonding treatments are added to all highlighting services. This regimen acts as an ‘insurance’ to you hair, protecting and adding bonds to the cuticle as the lightener lifts. It is one of our core beliefs that if you take away from the hair, you ALWAYS have to put nutrients back in.

As healthy hair is of our utmost concern, we do not perform hair texture services. Keratins, relaxers and/or Japanese straighteners do not fall in line with our beliefs as we feel they damage the hair. For more information on healthy hair services, please book a consultation with The Blonde or The Brunette.


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