Alright, let’s book!



Please download the Vagaro booking app to make or reschedule any online appointments. We understand that finding a space may be difficult, especially with highlighting services, so please feel free to email us for any requests. We want to make sure reservations are made correctly to best service you and accommodate salon schedules.




We accept payment in the form of cash, credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). Gratuity is greatly appreciated.



Late Arrivals

In the event that you are late, appointments may need to be edited or rescheduled. Please notify your stylist when running 15 minutes late, so that we may properly arrange the current schedule. Reschedules made on appointment day will be charged a Cancellation Fee. Please give yourself sufficient time to find the location and park comfortably. No Island time, y’all.



Cancellations Fees

A valid credit/debit card will be required to book all appointments. All information is encrypted and will not be viewed by our systems. We kindly request minimum of 48 hours for any cancelling or reschedules. Any reservation cancelled within 24 hours or less will result in a cancellation fee. Cut and/ or style appointments will be charged $50 and color appointments $100.



Hair Prep

We’re so serious about this, we’ve dedicated a whole page to this subject. To get the 411, click here. Failure to prepare hair properly will result in a $25 hair prep fee.
That’s 5 coffees at Starbucks. Save yourselves.




Being that seating is limited in our reception area, we ask that you please do not bring guests to your appointment. This includes any children under the age of 13. Anyone without an appointment will not be allowed beyond the reception area.



Cell Phones

Please refrain from using cell phones during haircuts and hair color application. Unless you’re going for an asymmetrical look. Please be aware of guests taking their appointment time to relax and absorb some quiet time. (Save the drama for your mama.)