We get it.

Who wants to manage their hair BEFORE heading to the salon? Sounds like a bogus request, but it’s quite necessary.

Check out our paragraph of desperation below. 

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Please arrive with clean, dry hair.  (Not after your gym sesh, we beg of you.) 

Professional hair color application on dirty hair is a thing of the past and just plain unpleasant. Our advanced hair color is oil- infused, which means it is a thicker consistency and best applied on clean hair without build up. Ready for a myth-buster? Hair stylists DO NOT prefer to work on dirty hair. Like ever. Itchy, strong dyes are so 20 years ago and shouldn’t have a place in any modern salon. So stay clean and worry free.

Haircutting may also begin dry, depending on the style chosen. All haircuts differ, so please arrive with clean, dry hair for this service. Notifications for your appointment are delivered through email and text message 2-3 days before your reservation, which is the perfect friendly reminder to please cleanse that mane. Please refrain from applying temporary gray coverage and/or dry shampoo on your hair as the hair color will have more difficulty penetrating through the build up. You got this.


Curly Client Hair Prep


Please arrive with clean, dry, detangled hair. Refrain from pulling hair back in any manner. (Buns, ponies, braids, etc- nada.) Curly Cuts always begin with the hair dry in its natural state, so it is imperative that our clients come with the hair prepared properly. Please avoid heavy product such as gel, mousse, excessive cream, etc. Please arrive with 1-2 day hair. Heavy product also makes it more challenging to apply hair color correctly. Little product is just fine. We just need to be able to run our fingers through your hair. Please use your best judgement. You got this. Please prep properly to avoid Hair Prep Fee, $25. 

If you have any further questions on appointment details, please contact us HERE


More Prepping Tips

  • We know you have stalked Pinterest, so go ahead and save 1-3 max inspo pics for your desired look. 

  • For first time color guests, please book on days that you are not pressed for time. Everyones hair is different and it will take our first appointment to be able to book time more accurately for the next. And please, please arrive on time. Please.